Peace of Mind for You

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I know what it is like to have to leave your furry family member behind when you are going out-of-town. I can offer you peace of mind that your kitty will get the attention and affection that they deserve while you are away. I will make sure the food and water bowls are cleaned and topped up every day, as well as ensuring that the litter box and any other messes that may occur are attended to promptly and properly. As part of the service, I would be happy to send you email updates and pictures or video of your kitty to let you know that they are doing well.

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Peace of Mind for Your Cat

The best place for your cat is at home, where all the sights, sounds, and smells are familiar. I offer a free in-home consultation to meet with you to have an opportunity to get familiar with your kitty. This affords time for your cat to get comfortable with me and also allows time for you to let me know about your cat’s particular preferences and any special concerns, such as medication, etc. If you have a cat that you allow outside, I provide a unique service that can accommodate that as well.