There for Your Kitty When You Can't Be

Blissful Kitty Professional Care for Cats was established to serve the needs of cat owners who are looking for convenient and affordable in-home care for their pet.

You can choose one or two visits a day, and then... RELAX knowing that your kitty is in caring and competent hands.

Blissful Kitty  comes to you and your cat.  In-home visits provide an excellent alternative to boarding. In-home care eliminates the need to transport your cat to an unfamiliar - and therefore stressful - environment. Your feline friend stays in the comfort of their own home and receives loving, reliable care and attention.

Let Blissful Kitty help you ENJOY your time away.

You can relax and rest assured that someone caring and trustworthy is coming to see your cat everyday while you are away. 30 minute “Love Up” sessions for your furry family member include petting, baby talk, brushing...whatever your cat’s preferences are, that is what they will get...and LOTS of it!